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Portable Zip Line Rentals - Rent a Zip Line in Denver, Colorado Springs, or Fort Collins Colorado

Zip line rentals are great for School Carnivals, parties and special events in Colorado. Our Zip Line rental price includes staff to operate the Zip Line and can be used by almost anyone between 40 and 250 pounds

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Denver Zip Line Rentals

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We offer single and dual zip lines with great pricing *restrictions apply

Minimum space required
  • 25 ' (7.62 m) wide
  • 30 ' (9.14 m) tall
  • 225 ' (68.58 m) long
 Our portable Zip line rental comes complete with staff to operate, several body harnesses in different sizes, and set up and removal. The zip line riders must weigh between 60 and 250 pounds to use the zip line.

The price listed is for 3 zip line operators and a single zip line and will produce about 60-90 people per hour. We can increase output by adding more staff and a second zip line to increase the output to about 180 people per hour so please call with your event details for special high usage pricing.

All portable Zip Lines and carnival rides need to have current state inspections required by the state of Colorado. All of our carnival rides and zip lines have current state inspections. Before renting a zip line or comparing quotes make sure that the rental company has current state-required inspections to prevent your event from being shut down by inspectors.

Some events may require or should have crowd control barriers or fencing around the entrance or landing area so please give us as many details about your event when requesting prices.

Insurance coverage is also included in the zip line price with policy limits suitable for most requirements.

Check out our new stunt jumping airbag attraction featuring the Zero Shock Airbag.

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