4,000 Watt Self Powered Light Tower Rental

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Light Tower Rentals in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora and Fort Collins Colorado

We rent light towers for parties and events in Colorado perfect for School Carnivals, Festivals and night time events. Our powered light tower rental price includes delivery and fuel

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4,000 Watt Self Powered Light Tower Rental

Starting At:
$399.00 / 4 hours
($29.00 per additional hour) *restrictions apply

Our light tower rental price includes delivery, set up, take down and fuel. Dont be fooled by cheap light tower rental prices that don't include delivery, light tower set up, fuel and pickup. We handle the entire rental for you and will aim the lights correctly for your event. Most construction light tower companies will simply raise the light tower and don't really care where the light is pointed or care about the correct location of the light tower. 

We are event lighting professionals and will make sure your event is properly lit and the light towers are aimed correctly all included in the light tower rental price of $399 for 4 hours. **Restrictions below apply**   

 We only rent light towers if we are providing the Inflatables or attractions at events. Delivery and pickup is not included for multiple light towers as each one needs to be towed to the event with a vehicle or semi truck for 6 or more light towers. After hours pickup, special delivery - pickup requirements are added charges and will vary on how many light towers are rented and the details of your needs. Please contact us for complete details or a written quote.

Our light tower rentals have 4 adjustable heads and go up about 30 feet. Perfect for lighting up a soccer field, School playground, parking lot, etc. We must be able to drive to set up location with the trailer mounted light tower for set up.